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That was Archbishop Vignonor, who is now in Detroit. Other than the altar rail, the layout of the Church is really not radical at all, even though the architecture is very, very contemporary. For about the last forty years Catholic Churches have not been built with Communion Rails because people receive standing. The Bishop and members of his staff and committee. I don’t think anybody, even an architect or a designer than the client is, and nine times out of ten if you’ve got a good client you’ve got a good result. For about thirty years I’ve been travelling around the country as a liturgical designer and I interviewed with the Diocese and was hired.

They are quite ornate. It was and continues to be a great privilege to be involved in this project. That changes all the time. No one has been commissioned to fill the frames. It is one I will continue to stay close to. The all seasons chapel was created where the average parishioner could make a seasonal statement or where a more spontaneous expression could be made, like a shrine. Chapel of the saints will be filled with icons. I came away from the project feeling like I had received a gift to be involved with it.