Re: מחפש המלצות למקומות בדרום

the weather is pretty good.. in the low places it’s pretty hot during the day, but nothing crazy. a bit humid so when you move around during the day you get sweaty, but it’s not that bad. in the nights it can get just a little cold, but i’m still wearing a t-shirt.
in the mountains it’s the same during the day more or less, and it gets a bit cold in the night, better to have something to wear.
mysore is a typical indian city, from what ive seen until now. the palace is nice in the evenings, full of lights, and the zoo has some nice animals. the markets are also worth visiting. overall the city is not that exciting and the guest houses iv’e seen aren’t that good and pretty expensive, so i would skip it.
madekiri is amazing! you should visit here. i would find some people to come with though, it’s nicer. Ginger Estate Home Stay is a bit expensive but you get a good worth for your money – 1100 Rs for three people including one meal.
i’m a bit in a hurry so ask specific questions and i’ll try to answer them next time i get online 🙂