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If the cost of overseas iron unit equivalent to 300 million yuan capital / km, the next 10 years of overseas high-speed rail infrastructure market capacity will reach 3 trillion. According to the International Union of Railways statistics, except for China, more than 10 countries are building the existing high-speed rail over the next 10 years, the new mileage will reach 10,000 km. China High Speed ​​Rail exports of Broken Dreams
Rear-end accidents fell from the sky, lie in China’s export of high-speed rail dream before.

You can minimize the use of car, carpool with friends and also ensure before buying a vehicle that it is fuel efficient. Reducing oil consumption can also help us protect the earth. Use of this type of energy is 100% environmental friendly
Burning fossil fuels can pump a lot of greenhouse gas into the atmosphere. Use renewable energy resources like wind, water, solar and geothermal. Here’s what green initiatives can do.

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