booking terms of use


1.   The partnership is not a booking service,  it is a referral service. is referring customers who are interested in booking a room for specific dates.
2.   The booking is made directly between you and the customer.  You may ask from the customer a first day advance payment before arrival if you have the required money transfer facility and according to your best judgment with specific client.
3. is not responsible for  the interaction between you and the customer once the referral has been done,  as well as for non show up of customers, or other misfortune of connection.   However, in such case it is advised that you notify us and we will do our best to check the case.
4.  You are not committed to supply a room for every referral that we give you.   This is your flexible business consideration, according to the season and occupancy at hotel/guest house.   However, businesses that will have low percentage of approvals of bookings will be disclosed from partnership as is looking for partners is many locations in India which can provide this service to our audience on a regular basis.
5.  You are committed to reply directly to customer on email for every referral that is sent to you, within 24 hours, even if there is no vacant room.  In such a case you may reply to the customer that a room is not available for the required dates.  should we get complaints from customers that no email response was sent to them,  partnership will be stopped.
6.  The payment is made directly from the customer to the hotel.   the hotel is paying its commission to at the end of the month.      
Upon accepting a booking made by our referral  you will be charged 15% fee commission out of the customer expense in your hotel.  This commission is paid separately for each night of stay. 
     Example1 : tariff 500 Rs per night, Number of nights: 6.    Total charge: 3000Rs.  Commission:
     450 Rs.
     Example 2 : tariff 2800 Rs per night, Number of nights: 2, Total charge:5600Rs.  Commission:
  840 Rs.
7.       Every month you are going to get a report with all referrals made to you.  You are committed to send back this report in 48 on email,  including all booking details:  who booked, who stayed in your guest house/hotel, how many nights,  what fee.   
False information and / or delay in the 48 report deadline will prevail in disclose of partnership.
8. is in touch with most of the customers and gets their  feedback (as for service,  did the booking succeed,  how many nights of stay and in what fee). may transfer this feedback to you as service to improve your facility. works only with liable partners.  Should there be liability problems with a business in India or any other country, the partnership will be stopped.
9.       In some partnership cases, report and payment can be done every 2 months.
10.   Soon after sending your report, you will be issued with an invoice for the monthly commission payment.    You are required to make the payment with 6 business days using one of the following methods:
•credit card
•western union
•Bank transfer to our local account in India (details will be published soon)
Upon payment arrival you will receive by email invoice receipt for your payment.
at present we do not have a bank account in India yet this should not be an obstacle for  you may keep the commission money at your place and we will contact you before an agent would come and pick it up from you.
We look forward on working with you,  and having you as one of our referrals partners in India for long term.
Good luck and all the best, team