ללא קטגוריה


פרידה לא פשוטה בכלל ממקום משונה ונהדר! (מצטערת על האנגלית, אך כך נכתב המקור שנשלח להמון חברים לדרך שלא מהארץ..)


on my way to london…
im leaving India, after nearly 8 months of non-stop learning experiances and an increasing sence of tranquility.
im going back to "the west" where so much is diffrent and a lot more hectic (it suddenly seems);
but im taking a lot with me…
India has thought me many lessons, some i embrassed gladly while others were harder to take;
i am thankful for all:

a lesson about… Paciencewhen u seem to think u have planty and can stand so much, it suddenly slips away and changes your all perception; in india without enough of that you will find your-self exhusted quickly – it is a land with a time concept of it’s own (if any..).  


 a lesson about… Compassiona way to look at things without passing judgment (not an easy task at times), to accept the many different ways of life and to learn your own in a way that doesnt harm others – should be thought to every living being!  


about… Understandingwhich is beyond knowledge it-self; to acctually see what’s going on around you even when the picture is not a pretty one. to see what we are doing to this world and understand its uniqueness and beautty, not beacouse we’re standing on a montain looking over the sea with white cloads above…but beacouse it’s the only one we’ve got and it needs our protection.  


about…. Hope(one of the big ones…) a word we use a lot and with great affection, a word that brings a smile to most faces and a worm feeling to the heart. It is something that is so hard to keep! when your eyes are open and you allow your-self to be completely honest, you understand that it’s hard work not to give-up, not to say "what can i do? im just one person…" when you look around and see how much suffering, hunger, poverty, ignorance and death there is, and you know what needs to be done, you try and do your small share knowing it will only change so little, and there is so much more to do, but that will also make a diffrance, and that is a chance u cn not pass!  


 and a lesson about…. Lovewhich ,i’ve learned, doesnt have a lot to do with romance and fantasy….it comes with a great feeling that makes you want to fly but also with responssibility (for your-self and others), growing-up (even when you dont realy want to), facing everything there is, accepting, change, frustration and lots of patience. I have a lot to be thankful for, especially the realisation of how lucky i am to have the life that i have, and all that love to share with so many incredible people. with india i have a strange relationship full of love that is almost allways acompanied by frustration; but i will not take anything for granted again! and i do have a feeling its not a total ‘goodbye’ to this beautifull country.  


all in all i must say it’s been a long journey and not an easy one, but i wouldnt have changed a thing!!! so like many before me i say "thank you India…"   and thank you, the people back home, who tolerated my mood-swinging e-mails and had the patience to reply.

to you iv’e met on the way – thanx for showing me another piece of the puzzle….

love you all and cant wait to see you again,

me xxx


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